Advantages and Disadvantages of Playing Badminton

Advantages and Disadvantages of Playing Badminton.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Playing Badminton. A few years ago, I chose to play badminton to improve my health. I had been spending too much time on my laptop and mobile phone, which led to problems with my hand, wrist, back, and neck.

I’ll never forget the day I felt completely exhausted after sitting in front of my laptop for a few hours. When I stood up and tried to open the door, I felt totally powerless.

Benefits of Playing Badminton

I needed to find a physical activity that would help me improve my strength and after some consideration, I chose badminton. I thought it would be a good choice for several reasons:

The proper amount of exercise

I loved playing football and basketball when I was younger, but I quickly realized that they were too exhausting for me to keep up with.

Eventually, I chose badminton as the game I love to play because it doesn’t wear me out as much as the other two did. I always feel good after playing badminton for about an hour.


Though sports such as basketball might be more exciting to play, they also come with a higher risk of injury due to the constant physical contact between players.

Adults are often heavier than children and not as flexible, so it can be more difficult to control their movements in order to avoid collisions. Consequently, it is nearly inevitable for someone to get hurt if they play a lot of basketball. In contrast, badminton is a safer sport because there is no physical contact between opponents.

As long as players take care of their bodies and play mildly, it will not be easy to get injured while playing badminton.

Thorough exercise

I didn’t just start playing badminton because it looked like an easy game where all you have to do is hit a birdie back and forth. I soon found out that there’s a lot more to it than that!

It requires coordination of all kinds of movements and physical exercise involving not just the arms, but legs, brain, and eyes too. You might think that you only use one hand to play badminton, but the other hand plays an important role in steadying the body.

I chose to keep playing badminton for a long time because I saw how my health condition gradually started improving the more I played. At first, I needed to play because I thought it would be good for me, but eventually I started to really enjoy the game and fell in love with it!

I played badminton every day for a few months and I loved it! I found that I was getting too much exercise, so I cut back to playing 3 days a week. It’s like once you discover how fun the game is, you get addicted to it. I’m sure most badminton lovers have experienced the same feeling.

Train your eyesight

Playing badminton has many benefits, one of which is improving eyesight. This is because when playing, your eyes need to constantly observe the opponent’s swing and the shuttle in high-speed flight.

By following the shuttle closely, the eye’s ciliary muscle will continue to contract and enlarge, promoting the blood circulation of the eye tissue and improving its function.

Playing badminton regularly can improve the visual sensitivity of the human eye and make it more responsive. For ordinary badminton enthusiasts, especially those who use their eyes very frequently, it will significantly improve their visual sensitivity if they insist on playing badminton.

Playing badminton long-term can improve the sensitivity of the human eye and the responsiveness of the eye.

For ordinary badminton enthusiasts, especially those who use their eyes very frequently, it will significantly improve their visual sensitivity if they persist in playing badminton.

Full body exercise

Badminton is a great way to lose weight because it requires the use of multiple muscles at once. You’ll need to use the power of your wrist and arm to swing the racket, and you’ll also need to exercise your foot, knee, ankle, and other joints to keep the shuttlecock in play. This full-body workout will help you tone your muscles and lose weight quickly.


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