Badminton Terms That Are Always Used in the Game

Badminton Terms That Are Always Used in the Game

Badminton Terms That Are Always Used in the Game. There are many Terms in Badminton that are used in the game internationally.

However, only a few of them are commonly used while the rest are more specific.

Terms from A to Z

Alley – The area to the left and right of the badminton court where doubles can be played. This is also the playground area where the shuttle can be counted in or out at various times during the game.

Side Alley – This is the area on both sides of the court between the sideline and the service line for singles and doubles.

Back Alley – The area between the back boundary line and the service line for doubles.

The backcourt is the area of the field behind the baseline. The baseline is the line at the back of the court, parallel to the net.

A backhand is any return or shot made from the non-dominant side of the body. For right-handed players, this means a backhand shot is made with the left hand.

The backhand grip is the way you hold the racket to hit the shuttle from your non-dominant side. In badminton, the shot is usually done with a handshake or pistol grip, with the thumb in the dominant position heading up on the top side of the racket handle.

The backswing is part of the racket swing that moves toward the back in preparation for the forward swing. The base is the point near the middle of the field that you should target most of your shuttle returns.

The bird, shuttle, or shuttlecock is the object that hits the badminton racket to start the rally. A carry, sling, or throw is an illegal stroke where the player doesn’t hit the shuttle, but instead catches and holds it on the racket before releasing it. The center of base position is the center field position for a single player to return to after each shot.

Centre line: The line that divides the field into two equal parts.

Clear: A stroke that is hit precisely and accurately to the back boundary of the opponents’ court.

Court: The playing area used in badminton.

Crosscourt: A return or a direct shot of the shuttlecock across the court.

A double hit occurs when the shuttlecock is struck twice in quick succession on the same shot, and it is a fault (double whammy).

The drive serve is a strong and fast service that is hit with a flat trajectory. This type of service is more commonly used in doubles matches.

The drive is a stroke that is hit with a fast and low shot. The shuttle will have a horizontal flight over the net. The return or direct hit of the shuttle should be in a relatively flat trajectory, parallel to the floor, but hit high enough to get through the net.

The drops hot is a deadly shot that is hit with light power. The shuttle will swoop in a similar movement. It should be hit softly and falling fast to the opponent’s court in front of the net.

The chair umpire is the referee in badminton matches. They sit in a high chair near the nets line and make sure the match is played fair. The championship point is the final score required by one player to win a championship. The deep service is a type of serve that soars at sharp angles toward the ground, forcing the opponent to return the shuttle with a defensive lob. Deuce is when both players have the same score and one more point is needed to win.

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