Refreshing Mango Juice – Health Benefits & Easy Recipe

The mango is a tropical stone fruit believed to have originated in the Indian subcontinent. People of Southeast Asia were cultivating this fruit for heaps of years. Rich in nutrients and loved for their candy, juicy, and tangy taste, they’re eaten raw, cooked, pickled and preserved, and additionally juiced. In this blog publish, we are able to inform you all about mango juice, its recipe, its fitness advantages, and extra! Additionally, you may additionally read this blog approximately mango symbolism in Indian culture and also analyze a easy mango cake recipe.

Alphonso mangoes
All You Need To Know About Mango Juice
Mango Juice Health Benefits
Here are the health advantages of ingesting mango juice:

Mangoes contain over 20 minerals and vitamins. It is in particular wealthy in Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and folate.
The vitamins in mangoes assist improve immunity, save you intestine ailments like colon most cancers, and useful resource digestion.
Mangoes are wealthy in fibre. The clean mango juice recipe that we have shared underneath keeps all the fibre inside the fruit intact.
Mangoes comprise phytonutrients that now not most effective have fitness advantages but also are accountable for their vivid yellow colour.
Children may particularly enjoy the texture and flavor of chopped mango in addition to mango juice.
Mango Juice Recipe
Choosing the right mangoes for juicing
right mango for mango juice
Mangoes come in numerous sorts. The Indian subcontinent on my own has nearly 1500 kinds of it. However, for the purpose of juicing, you ought to pick completely ripe mangoes as they’re softer, sweeter, and juicier. These are the mangoes which can be brighter and have a deeper shade too. Ripe mangoes also smell fruitier and candy in comparison to unripe ones.

Most business mango-based liquids in India use ‘Alphonso’ as they may be taken into consideration the great for juicing. Alphonso mangoes have a complete flavor. However, you could pick the more without difficulty to be had sorts like Ratnagiri, Chausa (Chaunsa), Safeda, Alphonso, Banganapalli, and Neelam, and so on as properly with none 2d thoughts.

Step-by means of-step Mango Juice Recipe (Serves 2)

2-3 mangoes

Ice cubes

Chilled Water (200 ml)

Step 1: Peel the mangoes – Use a sharp knife. Start peeling the skin thinly and punctiliously with a view to not spoil or waste the pulp. The first-class manner to peel the pores and skin is from the pinnacle of the mango and towards the narrower tip of the fruit.

Step 2: Chop the mangoes – Mango has a stone (the seed) within the centre. Cut slices from all facets and chop them into small cubes. You can both throw the stone away or plant it within the floor and grow your own mango sapling.

Mangoes chopped for mango juice
Step three: Blend the Mango Pieces – Since mango is full of fibre, it can’t be juiced in a juicer like many other vegetables and end result. Therefore, the high-quality way to make mango juice is the use of a blender. Just mixture the chopped mango until t offers you a smooth paste. You can also upload 200 ml of chilled water to the blender to present it a fair consistency.

Step four: Serve on the Rocks with Garnish – Add 3-four ice cubes to your glass and pour the mango juice over it. You can garnish it with more than one mint leaves, seeds (chia, melon, or sunflower), and chopped cashews and almonds.

Drinking Mango Juice During The Off-Season
perfet mango juice recipe
Mangoes are seasonal fruits. Naturally, they’re available during the summer season and start to disappear from the local fruit markets in the course of the mid of the wet season. However, thank you to modern Agri-Tech, we are able to get speciality varieties of mangoes around the year. However, you could experience mango at some stage in the year the use of this easy renovation method.

You can reduce slices of mango and keep them in Ziploc bags to your freezer. You can either maintain chopped mangoes or slices as well. Make positive which you put off all air and oxygen out of the Ziploc bags before zipping them. Also, make certain that the slices aren’t stacked over every different or touching each different in the Ziploc bags.

When you need to make mango juice, simply thaw the frozen mangoes. Once fully thawed, simply comply with the recipe above and enjoy!

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Stay tuned to the Milkbasket weblog for tremendous tips & hacks, seasonal meals, way of life content, and extraordinary recipes. Liked our mango juice weblog? Let us recognize inside the remarks underneath! Read this blog approximately Mango – The King of Fruits and realize some cultural symbolism revolving round mangoes and additionally a fun & clean mango cake recipe.

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